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Professionalism and enthusiasm since 1994

Lämmermann Firmengebäude

Any good carrier usually has humble beginnings and develops consistently and solidly from there. Gerd Lämmermann's story of success is no exception. His company began in the mid-1990s with the sale of insect protection screens, above all in the Nuremberg area. Over the years, it has continued to expand under the name Lämmermann and today is one of the leading providers of high-quality custom-made insect protection systems in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands.


However, already in 1995, only one year after starting his company, the resourceful businessman started to develop his own ideas regarding effective protection against insects and actively converted them into well thought-out system solutions. His high-quality products made in Nuremberg quickly became known outside of Franconia. The sale through wholesale merchants further promoted the business, supported by efficient production methods. Concentrated, large investments in warehouses and manufacturing facilities that work with computer-controlled systems ensured up-to-date quality standards. At the same time, the brand awareness of the clever solutions made by Gerd Lämmermann continued to rise through exhibitions and presentation at trade fairs.


In face of such dynamic success, it seemed only natural that proper patents would follow. The first application at the patent office in 2000 was followed by an ongoing number of inventions for numerous practical and elegant further developments, especially for systems of self-closing screen doors. The opening of the Vienna branch in 2005 was the starting signal for the first international steps of the Franconian company, followed by the successful opening-up of the entire German market as well as of the Swiss and Dutch markets for the insect protection systems by Lämmermann.

Gerd Lämmermann