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Systematic insect protection

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We make all our frames from extruded aluminium (AIMgSiO, 5F22), which is then powder-coated or anodised. For especially high stability and long durability, the bevelled frames are always pressed with pushed-in aluminium angle brackets and additionally glued.


The core of all our insect screens is the mesh. That is why it is made of ladder-proof bonded and plastic-coated fibreglass mesh, which is absolutely weather-proof and tear-resistant. Moreover, the colours grey and black give the insect screens a subtle look.

Upon request, we also manufacture mesh made of stainless steel or aluminium, for example for use in the basement. Screens that are not only to protect our customers against insects but are also to withstand the claws of their lively pets are covered with our special pet-screen mesh. Thanks to its vinyl coating, this polyester mesh is seven times more resistant against scratching.

All mesh types are easily replaced in case of damage, without affecting the frame construction. This guarantees an extremely long service life of the Lämmermann system.


All the fittings for our insect screens are made exclusively from wear-free and maintenance-free material. Their colour is matched to that of the frame with a UV-resistant powder coating that is fast to handling and always colour-fast and maintenance-free.