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Roller blinds and roller doors

the mesh runs in a chain
Rollotür Free
no dangerous tripping hazard

Our roller blinds are guided safely and securely in a frame so they can even be installed in inclined skylights. When closed, they offer secure protection against insects that is easy to operate. When they are not needed, they disappear almost completely in their cassette.

Roller doors

The new addition to our range of products is the roller door. Like our other products, our newest development also unites elegance and functionality at the highest level. Basically a large roller blind standing upright on the ground, this construction makes full use of the little space it requires and is nevertheless light as a feather to operate: just pull it open - that's all! Because the roller door remains opened in any position.

The low spring tension in the roller mechanism makes smooth opening and closing of the door possible and prevents it from snapping back uncontrolled. Moreover, the bottom guide rail with a height of only four millimetres is especially flat and therefore does not present a dangerous tripping hazard. What's even more, the bottom rail can be installed without the need for drilling holes. Our roller doors are of course custom-made and available in all standard colours or with special coating.

Our in-house quality assurance has tested the extremely long service life of the roller doors, and performed 54,000 opening and closing actions in everyday conditions. Practically no wear was detected during this test.