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Light well covers

Kellerschachtabdeckung mittels Gittersafe.
Kellerschachtabdeckung mittels Gittersafe.

Gittersafe / grid cover

Our patented Gittersafe grid cover is based on a sophisticated sandwich construction and offers an extremely sturdy and at the same time elegant solution. The grid is mounted flush in the ground and has therefore no dangerous edges presenting a tripping hazard. The weather-proof GRP grating, which is covered with a fine-meshed stainless steel grid and set in an aluminium frame, even bears the weight of persons. The Gittersafe grid cover is an extra-elegant, flush-mount solution without edges presenting a tripping hazard that fits perfectly into the ground.

We can also deliver our Regensafe rainproof cover with a scratch-proof and impact-resistant, transparent polycarbonate sheet instead of with a fine-meshed stainless steel grid. This additional protection against rain does not affect the weight-bearing properties.

Lichtschachabdeckung von Lämmermann

Simple installation, high stability and excellent protection against insects, leaves and coarse dirt - that's what our light well covers, one of the many successful solutions we offer, guarantee in a single product. They have very flat frames that are rounded or bevelled on both sides so they can completely cover light wells of a variety of shapes and properties. In combination with transparent and weather-proof stainless steel, they are weight-bearing and restrict the air circulation only negligibly.

Alternatively, you can also order our light well covers with a scratch-resistant and weight-bearing, transparent polycarbonate sheet, which offers additional rain protection. In order to ensure increased air circulation, you can also install a combination of polycarbonate sheets and stainless steel mesh.